Little about me

I am known as ‘Miss Giggle’ since I was a kid. When I think of all the kinds of giggles I make, the giggles in the kitchen are the most wonderful ones.
I always love cooking. Numbers and cooking do not go together, but these do sum up in me pretty well.
Accountant by profession, foodie by passion my taste buds sings to the melody of my mother’s lullaby of delicious dishes. I learnt very much by watching her cooking (not a single lesson was given by her, I just watched her) and through my mistakes.
There are different sides of me, often my working girl outfit looks for easy, simple dishes and my greatest Sri Lankan housewife mode wants to cook something authentic and made from scratch. But both must approve the taste of the dish.
Early stages of my full time cooking, this was after I got married, was pretty challenging as the ingredients were not easy to find here in Australia. I still remember being back from 3 days’ getaway how my sister and I really wanted to eat a steaming bowl of rice with coconut sambal and dried fish. When I put the idea out she acted as if I had casted an evil spell, just because thinking about Sri Lankan flavours would put us in misery and bring tears to our eyes. However, we found a way and using desiccated coconut we had at home, we made a really good pol sambal within 15 minutes. Not many people I knew made coconut sambal with desiccated coconut and if you are, that was my idea. So from making Pol sambal with desiccated coconut and making perfect hoppers from a can of coconut milk and shop bought rice flour, all I wanted was to make delicious Sri Lankan or non Sri Lankan dishes with things I could find in my local shop.
I have come along few years in this journey and I am sharing my experience that may help you to tickle your taste buds. The giggle in the kitchen will help you bring that dish to the table with a warm, hearty Sri Lankan smile.